Massive Ticket Selection: Our marketplace features 16 million ticket listings for more than 70,000 sport, concert, and theater events in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. That’s a total inventory of approximately $3 billion.

Large Average Orders: Individual orders placed through our marketplace average $400 in value.

100% Buyer Guarantee: Vivid Seats covers all orders with a 100% Buyer Guarantee, which ensures on-time delivery and appropriate compensation in the event of an issue. We take care of the settlement or reimbursement, and you never have to pay.

Security and Privacy: Vivid Seats provides order processing services that are protected by Norton Secured and are 100% safe. All personal information is stored on an encrypted server. Our commitment to online privacy best practices has earned us the coveted TRUSTe Privacy Seal.  

In-House Customer Service: Our U.S.-based customer service and ticket fulfillment teams are available seven days a week over extended business hours to resolve customer issues and questions on your behalf, so you can focus on your business.

Interactive Seating Charts: Our color-coded, user-friendly maps allow customers to sort listings by section, price range, and other criteria—making their shopping experience efficient and hassle-free. Seating charts responsive on all devices.